Cluster Sound Algorithm Techno

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Algorithm Techno, a loop collection for computer-generated techno.

Algorithm Techno features 400 club-ready building loops available in WAV and Live Clips formats. The pack delivers solid kicks, unusual modulated snares, articulated HHats, fractured toms, raw lofills and a large array of unconventional percussion. All the included loops have been generated with custom pieces of software and carefully designed to deeply explore the potential of digital sources. They say that the result is “a solid, sculpted, radical, geometric sound, the computer-generated techno in all its glory”.

All the loops have been generated and edited at 32-bit/96kHz and processed and mastered with state-of-art analog and DSP gears. Zero phase cancellation problems, lack of clarity or other annoying technical troubles.

The sample pack is available for purchase for 19 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound