Cluster Sound Live Bundle

Cluster Sound has introduced the Live Bundle, a collection of drum & bass libraries for Ableton Live.

Live Bundle delivers 6 advanced drum+bass instruments designed for live performances and studio sessions.

Wave Drums: the first wavetable drum synths based on Simpler. In few words, a masterpiece of sound design, a massive arsenal of chromatic drum synth instruments with endless potential.

Wave Bass-A: the first wavetable bass synths based on Simpler. Thanks to the multi-selectable oscillators and to the masterly use of all Live sampling features, it amazingly simulate the sound of vintage bass synths

FX Drooms: the first percussive ensemble using multi-select layered FX samples. A massive collection of FX layered percussion kits specifically designed for a wide range of electronic music styles.

Micromal Gbox MKII and Minimal Gbox MKII: the first Live instruments using the sample selector (MKI version) and the sample-FX-layering technique. They will turn Live into a powerful and extremely flexible groovebox for minimal music productions.

Low Beats Clipbox no primacy, all the same a great tool. A powerful and ultra-flexible collection of sliced clips, specifically designed for electronic and tech-based music productions.

Live Bundle features

  • 7,660 WAV Samples
  • 1387 Drum Clips & 1192 Drum Racks.
  • 100 Bass Instruments & 100 Bass Clips.
  • 60 Ensemble Clips, 60 Construction Sets, 60 Ensemble Racks.
  • 256 Wavetables.
  • 2.6 gigabytes content.
  • Compatible with Live 8 & Live 9.

The bundle costs 79 EUR. Cluster Sound customers who own a product included in the bundle can get a discount.

More information: Cluster Sound