Cluster Sound has launched SST-282 Convo, an IR Library that accurately reproduce the staggering sound of the vintage SST-282 Space Station.

Cluster Sound SST-282 Convo

In 1979 a small company called Ursa major introduced a highly sophisticated audio signal processing unit called SST-282 Space Station. The SST-282 was described as a “reverberation effect” but that is far from the complete story. Thanks to its design based on multi-tap delay modulation it was able to generate a wide variety of reverb, echo and comb filter effects. The SST-282 implemented 16 “Audition Delay Programs” (Rooms, Combs, Delay Clusters and Space Repeats) which decide the principal characteristics of the reverb / delay effect.

SST-282 Convo is based on 224 IR samples, obtained by sampling the 16 “Audition Programs” with 14 different delay/reverb decay times. The library works perfectly on vocals, synths, basses and guitars but also on drums and percussions and can be easily used with all the convolution reverb plugins on the market.

SST-282 Convo features

  • Size : 440 Mb.
  • WAV 32bit / 96Khz.
  • 224 IR Samples.
  • 16 Audition Programs.
  • 14 Decay Time settings.
  • 224 Kontakt Presets.

SST-282 Convo is available to purchase for 29.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound