Cluster Sound has announced Wave Drums, a sound library for Ableton Live.

Cluster Sound Wave Drums

Wave Drums is the first wavetable drum synth collection for Ableton Live. In few words Wave Drums is a masterpiece of sound design, a massive arsenal of chromatic drum synth instruments with endless potential.

Sound Engine : The included 400 drum synth instruments don’t make use of pre-recorded percussive samples. Everything in Wave Drums starts from a small 18 Kbyte file, a wavetable (single cycle waveform) with a table size of 2048 samples. Thanks to the masterly use of all Sampler/Simpler features and Live dynamic effects, the included 128 wavetables take the form of electronic drums with a very distinctive sound, a fascinating mix between vintage modular drum machines and modern DSP gears.

Wave Selector : Thanks to this feature you can select the drum oscillator on-the-fly simply by moving the “Wave Selector” knob. This knob scans through the 128 wavetables included in each Instrument and allows to radically change the sounds without dragging new patches nor loosing the patch settings.

Content : Wave Drums is organized into 12 categories (Solid Kicks, Synth Kicks, Electro Snares, FM Snares, High Toms, Low Toms, Machines HH, Modular HH, Hand Percs , LoFi Percs, Synth Percs, Cymbals) containing 400 Drum Instruments, developed around 20 sound-specific Macro Control and 20 FX Modules. This large amount of parameters has been designed for dynamic tweaking while performing and combinated with the 128 switchable oscillators, guarantee a radical alteration of the sound structure.

Wave Drums features

  • 400 Live Instruments.
  • 400 Live Clips.
  • 128 Wavetables (2048 sample size).
  • 20 Macro Templates.
  • 20 FX Templates.
  • Stereo Expander FX Rack.
  • Requirements: Live 8.2.1 or higher.

Wave Drums is available to purchase for 49.95 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound