Cluster Sound has announced the release of XR-10 a free drum pack for Ableton Live based on the vintage Akai XR-10 drum machine.

Cluster Sound XR 10

Released in the early nineties, the XR-10 was the first Akai’s non-sampling drum machine, a programmable units equipped with loads of preset rhythms and 65 PCM samples recorded at 16 bits resolution.

Designed to deliver professional sounds to the masses, the XR-10 sounds big, full and punchy and, thanks to the subtle amount of aliasing and noise, also nicely rough at the same time.

Its samples array is a strong selection of gritty kicks, razor-sharp snares, acoustic gated toms, electro percussions and old school big drums used in loads of New Beat, Synth Pop and Italo Disco records.

The pack includes 9 drum kits and 65 drum devices. It is a free download for Ableton Live 9.5 or higher.

More information: Cluster Sound