Cluster Sound Tech Producer DSP

Cluster Sound has released another update to Tech Producer DSP, their flagship sample library.

Cluster Sound launches a massive upgrade for Tech Producer DSP that now goes over 16 Gigabytes. Registered users can download the new section Drum Rack section expressly dedicated to Live users and two Xpander Packs (Induster & Downclock).

New in Tech Producer DSP

  • CS Dracks – Drum Rack Section, a massive upgrade for Ableton users and consists of 4.360 Drum Racks clips & devices. The Drum Racks are obtained by converting the REX2 loops included in your Tech Producer DSP and allow Live users to benefit of slicing technique.
  • Induster – Xpander Pack 05, an electro industrial loop library, specifically designed for incisive downtempo productions. Electro-fi your tracks with the infusion of glitchy breaks, digital synths, agressive and disjointed ryhthms, modular hi-frequencies microbeats and much more. This powerful download collection consists of 170 worldclass quality WAV loops, 170 REX and 340 Ableton Live devices and Drum Racks.
  • Downclock – Xpander Pack 06, concrete machine sounds, vocodized beats, glitches and blips, crispy noises, distorted low frequencies. Downclock is an industial loop library with a minimal mechanic flavour and consists of 190 worldclass quality WAV loops, 190 REX and 380 Ableton Live devices and Drum Racks. These punchy and terse loops are built around puzzle structures that will allow you to create customized rhythms in few steps, the sliced versions (REX – Live DRacks) guarantee you easy manipulation and re-structuring.

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