Cmusic Production has announced the release of the SAXBAND Full Bundle, a collection of saxophone instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Cmusic Production Saxband Full Bundle

SAXBAND Full Bundle allows a user to imitate many tones that a real saxophones could play (Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax and Soprano Sax). It was recorded using Mid-side technology with multiple articulations and production techniques to create the impression of a live performance.

CMP recorded all intervals for up and down articulations in three variants: normal Legato, Portamento and Glissando. They have provided the ability to vary the dynamics of the instrument to convey a wide, detailed range of expression from pp to ff. Natural and LFO vibrato may be added to the sound at any time. Sustain, Staccato and Marcato articulations provide added realism by means of a 3-x round-robin algorithm.

The bundle is available for $310 USD, individual libraries are $99 USD each.

Cmusic Production has also launched WELTMEISTER Royal Standart, a free accordion instrument for Kontakt.

Cmusic Production Weltmeister Royal Standart

The WELTMEISTER Button Accordion Library is an easy-to-use instrument, designed to get creating music instantly.

Its single-layer samples contain a surprising depth and character of voicing. The VELOCITY is regulated by MODULATION (CC1), using a filter (LP1) that continuously varies the timbre as the MODULATION values change. In this way, a wealth of “hidden” accents can be added to your playing style.

The Weltmeister provides seven registers for the right hand, and one for the left that includes full bass and chords.

WELTMEISTER Royal Standart is a free download.

More information: Cmusic Production