REAPER v1.05

Cockos REAPER been updated to v1.05. REAPER is shareware since v1.0 but still has a reasonable price tag of US$39.95 (that is if you don’t plan to use it commercially, which ups the cost of a license to US$199.99).

v1.05 – September 3 2006

  • added “trim silent areas of items” function (edit->item processing->)
  • added “quantize items to grid” (edit->item processing->)
  • added “autodock new fx chain windows” setting
  • fixed docker saving position when at (0,0)
  • fixed docker keyboard focus bug
  • fixed some menu item enabling issues
  • seek on loop selection right edge changes when looping disabled
  • improved looping (no longer does seeking to right after a selection cause it to enter the loop)
  • moved “normalize items” and “move items to preferred positions” to edit->item processing submenu
  • fixed reverse item/open copy/etc when an item is muted
  • midi editor: note properties now shows bars/beats instead of just beats
  • installer: won’t overwrite last project with demo project

For other changes since v1.0 check below

Peter Kirn @ CDM mentions some alternative software for the commerial user, with some interesting discussion, including comments by a REAPER developer.
Also, be sure to check out REAPER’s development in screenshots. Pretty impressive to see this software evolve so much in less than one year.

Visit REAPER for more information and a link to download the latest version of REAPER.

Changes since v1.0

v1.04 – September 2 2006

  • seek on loop selection change uses loop change info to decide whether to seek to start or end
  • you can attach/unattach the dock to/from the main window (right click by tabs)
  • fixed scroll whenever the mouse gets near the right edge of track view bug
  • cpu performance meter dialog improvement
  • updated version of js: majortom

v1.03 – September 1 2006

  • remove selected area of selected items is now (by default) cut selected area of selected items
  • cut selected area of selected items obeys ripple editing, better item selection behavior
  • shift click in the same item as the edit cursor is in sets loop selection
  • added assignable actions for ripple off/one/all
  • added option for resetting VU meter peak indicators on play
  • added option to control whether changing the loop selection seeks playback
  • shift+doubleclick of items now sets the selection to the area of the item (if configured to open the editor by default, and vice versa)
  • fixed vst timeinfo resetting to bar 1 on time signature marker
  • fixed item/loop splits not locking (causing playback glitch)
  • fixed midi/rearoute recording when no audio input device active
  • fixed end-of-item peaks bugs on looped items at certain zoom levels
  • wav/aiff/w64 writer: writes correct riff header length
  • routing: fixed pre-fx sending of midi

v1.02 – August 31 2006

  • added “Delete selected area of selected items” (ctrl+delete)
  • ability to resize a loop selections edges over items
  • ctrl+right drag over items sets loop selection
  • added “insert marker” to timeline right click menu
  • fixed a bug when switching themes in prefs/color themes
  • added keyboard shortcut list as help menu item, added mouse modifiers to help text
  • list of kb shortcuts from prefs page shows unassigned actions
  • media explorer: fixed loading of projects from media explorer
  • midi editor: centerline/from center CC mode for pan and pitch only
  • midi editor: CC lane shows integer value of mouse position
  • midi editor: ctrl now turns on snapping to center for pitch/pan (default is no snap)

v1.01 – August 30 2006

  • ui: transport icon updates
  • ui: cleanups to track/mixer controls, smaller
  • ui: color themes can override button background/border
  • ui: smaller vertical fader buttonsont for volume/pan labels
  • configurable keyboard shortcuts, with a LOT of new actions (some are assigned, some arent)
    • ctrl+pagedn zooms out full
    • ctrl+alt+up/down selects tracks
  • fixed keyboard shortcut preferences bug under win9x
  • keyboard shortcut list as web page generation
  • added “move items to source preferred position” for BWF files etc
  • play on record paused now goes back to record
  • fixed fx browser thinking it should be opened on startup in many instances
  • fix for looping pitch shifted downsampled items
  • fix for all notes off sending when looping (and multiple ANOs when routing)
  • fixed default volume bug in click source
  • removed warning when overdub loop recording and track was unarmed
  • tons of mixer optimizations to reduce memory bandwidth used
  • simplified start of recording thread synchronization
  • when in +6 item adjustment range, better support for >+6dB gain
  • when in +0 item adjust range, you can go over +0dB for an item if you hold shift
  • fixed monitoring issues on >2 ch tracks
  • fixed scrollbar bug when clicking on thumb edges
  • put minimum buffer sizes on ks/waveout/ds modes to avoid misconfiguration crash
  • midi editor: ruler at top
  • midi editor: grid fixes, visual appearance improvements
  • midi editor: mousewheel over piano roll scrolls by default
  • midi editor: CC lane has centerline, and things snap to center (hold ctrl to disable snap)
  • midi editor: better pitch lane mode
  • w64 file format support, bwf “bext” chunk support
  • AIFF/WAV file readers can read up to 4gb .wav files, > 4gb non-standard .wav files, and .w64 files
  • AIFF/wAV reader handles properly files that claim to be larger than they are
  • AIFF/WAV/w64 sink: writes meaningful header so a power outage during recording will usually produce a readable file
  • updated wav/w64/aiff reader to handle chunks in any order, better error messages
  • internal cleanups in preparation of…something coming later