Cockos REAPER v2.0

Cockos has released version 2.56 of REAPER, the fully featured multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

REAPER v2.56 (aka 0x1.00)! OS X installation system updated, lots of fixes and refinements.

Changes in REAPER v2.56

  • Fixed drag and drop of sends/hardware outputs in mixer view when using hardware outputs
  • Old recording item selection behavior now only affects item-autopunch mode
  • CC parameter meta-actions now also work on midpoints for absolute CCs/etc
  • Select all items in track (doubleclick TCP) now sets context to items
  • Fixed MIDI timing in ReWire slave mode, support for running in FL Studio
  • ReWire slave mode forces playrate to 1.0
  • Fixed MIDI item trim bugs with selected notes
  • Fixed some PCM source seek rounding errors
  • Fixed a bug in vertical GR metering (ReaComp etc)
  • Hiding dock windows now removes focus from them
  • MP3 decoder seek improvements
  • 29.97DF ruler corrected
  • ReaSamplomatic: better note name reporting (removes extensions, doesnt report if supporting the entire range)
  • Fixed auto-add of plugin envelopes for correct values
  • installer: Fixed Vista/Windows 7 compatibility warnings
  • OS X: new directory structure and simplified install process
  • Updated registration to store in install path as well (for multiuser systems)
  • Fix for trimming MIDI items on split in certain looped instances
  • Much faster redraws for some VSTs
  • Fixed mute master/slave grouped automation recording

REAPER is available for download, without technological limitations for evaluation purposes (Windows and Mac). A license is available for $225 USD ($50 USD for non-commercial use).

Visit the REAPER website for more information.