Cockos Reaper

Cockos has released version 3.14 of Reaper, a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Reaper v3.14

  • Action: show/hide all floating windows
  • API: added functions for sending commands to the active MIDI editor window
  • API: added register(“command_id_lookup”) to find extension actions
  • API: added functions to retrieve track/take envelopes
  • API: added MIDI_eventlist_Create, MIDI_eventlist_Destroy
  • API: added GetSetTrackState, GetSetItemState, GetSetEnvelopeState
  • API: fixed extension shortcut problem
  • Automation: fixed action to set envelope lane fader from MIDI controller
  • Automation: more consistent behavior for new envelopes picking up the fader value in non-trim mode
  • Auto-crossfades: fix for some crossfades not being reset when moving multiple items across tracks
  • Batch converter: new facility to convert media in bulk, optionally applying FX
  • Custom menus: main MIDI menus can be customized, other improvements
  • Custom menus: import/export/reset individual menus along with entire sets
  • Custom toolbar: support adding extension actions to toolbar
  • DX: fix for synths dropping the first MIDI note
  • Live performance: FX multiprocessing optimization
  • Media item resampling/pitch shift modes: not switched when switching projects
  • MIDI editor: Fixed adding text/sysex events not extending source length when past end
  • OSX: fixed issues with mouse focus in TCP
  • OSX: nicer disk image
  • OSX: various menu improvements/fixes
  • OSX: preliminary video support
  • OSX: alternate VST cache/path config for PPC vs Intel
  • Peaks: fixed recording peaks interpolation accuracy and corner-case crash when recording
  • Prefs/Media/MIDI: Improved behavior when all-notes-off when un-record-arming a track disabled
  • Project/template file save: better detection and handling of failed disk writes
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: Configurable per-instance resample mode
  • Render queue: resizeable
  • Track height: default for new projects can be set via File/Proj Settings/Save as default or Prefs/Projects/Default
  • Track renaming: better support for tabbing through tracks when envelope panels visible
  • Video: improved scrubbing support
  • Video: handling of multiple items improved (later items, higher track numbers prioritized)
  • Windows: Fixed font used in some dialogs for ClearType (OGG rendering, etc)

More information: Reaper