Cockos Reaper

Cockos has released version 3.2 of Reaper, a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.

Changes in Reaper v3.2

  • Actions: FX last touched parameter: show TCP knob, envelope, param mod, MIDI learn, or alias.
  • Autoload last project: does not load last project if it crashed on last load.
  • Envelopes: fixed random crash when adding many points via pencil mode.
  • FX: tempo-synced plugins account for project play rate.
  • FX: Undo/redo on floating FX windows no longer restores window position.
  • Item edge editing: update edge edit/timestretch cursor while editing.
  • Screensets: save/restore extended mixer details with track views.
  • MIDI editor: restore secondary sources on multiproject switches.
  • Misc: fixed erratic ntdll crash when scrolling the arrange view.
  • Missing media prompt: search button.
  • ReaComp: smooth changes in wet/dry, automakeup gain.
  • ReaDelay: smooth changes in tap volume/pan, wet/dry.
  • ReaEQ: smooth frequency, gain, bandwidth changes (sweepable filters).
  • ReaPlugs: denormal management improvements.
  • ReaXcomp: smooth changes in gain, band frequency/threshold/ratio/gain.
  • ReaXcomp: fancier ratio indicator.
  • ReaVerb: OSX deconvolution support.
  • ReaXcomp/ReaComp: RMS optimizations.
  • ReaScript: GetSetChunkState chunk length limit increased to 1MB.
  • ReaScript: added GetUserFileNameForRead.
  • OSX: better CoreAudio samplerate setting (should not override bit depth, too).
  • OSX: huge performance improvements (denormal management, alignment fixes).
  • Save as: separate trim/convert options.
  • Scrub: avoid runaway scrub when using arrow key navigation.
  • Tab to transient: stop at media item start when tabbing backwards through transients.
  • Tweaks to missing filename resolving (always resolve relative filenames to full).
  • VST/AU: record automation from closed plugins that have internal MIDI control.
  • Windows: added readahead buffer for live CD playback in Media Explorer.

Reaper is available to purchase for PC and Mac for $60 USD (discounted license) / $225 USD (full commercial license). A complete and uncrippled evaluation version Reaper can be downloaded from the website.

More information: Reaper