Cockos ReaPlugs ReaJS

Cockos has released version 2.0 of ReaPlugs, including two new plug-ins to the suite of free effect plug-ins for Windows.

Want to use some of the comprehensive FX plug-ins that REAPER provides, but stuck in another host? Haven’t made the switch yet? Fear not — you can download ReaPlugs, a package of FX that includes many of the plug-ins that come with REAPER, for free!

Changes in ReaPlugs v2.0

  • Installer..
  • Plug-ins brought up to date with their REAPER 3.1x relatives (many improvements)..
  • Fixed leaking GDI resources on plugin unloads..
  • ReaControlMIDI added:
    • Flexible MIDI controls in VST format.
    • Automate CC envelopes and bank/program selection, as FX parameters.
    • Full sysex support.
  • ReaJS added:
    • Realtime user-editable effect processor.
    • 64-bit internal audio processing, MIDI support, full PDC support, multichannel I/O support, graphics display support.
    • Hundreds of included effects, including: delays, compressors, limiters, convolution, distortion, spectral noise editors, analyzers, loop samplers, creative effects.
    • Create new effects from scratch, or modify existing effects to meet your needs.
    • JS editor and debugger included, opens automatically when you edit a plug-in.

ReaPlugs is available as a free download for Windows PC (VST).

More information: Cockos / ReaPlugs