Splice has introduced Collections for Splice Desktop, allowing you to organize and discover samples in new ways.

With Collections, you can now easily access your favorite sounds directly from Splice Desktop.

Collections are a music maker’s best friend. They can be used to gather and sort your go-to Splice sounds, so they’re always only a click away. Collections allow you to file your samples in any way you choose, using your own titles and grouping—just like a playlist on Spotify. This means you can stay organized and keep focused on making music.

You can also use our curated Collections that help you dive into the Splice catalog in new ways. There are even Collections of free (zero-credit) sounds, which new Splice users can use on a free 14-day Splice trial to explore the catalog and try out Splice Desktop.

Collections are now available on both the Splice web and Splice Desktop, allowing you to share your favorite sounds with collaborators and prepare for future projects. New users can try Splice Sounds for free with zero-credit Collections.

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