Comelody has announced the release of Melodo, the first platform for instantly browsing short musical phrases.

Comelody Melodo

Each musical phrase can be used to create new and exciting music by applying the musical creativity of other composers.

Available as a VST / Audio Unit, Melodo enables composers to rapidly explore countless musical phrases (such as bass-line, lead, and percussion loops) contributed by other users.

Since the composing process is derivative in its nature, Melodo seeks to expose the composer to as many musical phrases as possible in order to build a bank of ideas from which to draw inspiration for new and innovative music.

Each musical phrase in Melodo can be played by itself or together with an existing composition. It can also be altered using Melodo’s fully functional sequencer. Melodo has its own internal synthesizer as well as the ability to use external plug-ins for the creation of new musical phrases.

Composers can comment on a musical phrase, create variations of a musical phrase or share a completely new one.

Melodo aims to create the largest dynamic collection of musical phrases that will contribute to the creation of new and exciting music.

Melodo features

  • DAW synchronization.
  • Internal synthesizer.
  • Full Featured sequencer.
  • Can host other VST / Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • Advanced search filtering.

Melodo (beta) is available to download for Windows and Mac.

More information: Comelody / Melodo