Giorgio Sancristoforo has introduced a new modular synthesizer instrument that takes inspiration from the west coast paradigm and Altair8800, one of the first personal microcomputers available to the hobbyists in the mid 70s.

A powerful sonic laboratory, the Compusynth features a peculiar 128 bit sequencer, oscillators, filters, efxs and processors, and flexible routing with 1,596 patch points.

Compusynth has everything I ever dreamt about west coast modulars: enough resources to create tons of sounds with the addition of a large memory sequencer and a fantastic tape echo. Compusynth can make weird experimental sounds as well as traditional fat synth sequences that will serve any music genere with its warm and deep tone.

A cute tape recorder with many tape simulations is at hand to record your sound and gigs. Compusynth is made for experimentation, free from cliché and formulas, it is a magnificent tool for live improvisation, drones, strange bongos and extremely flexible for sound design. You can use any virtual audio driver to connect Compusynth with your DAW, just in case…

Currently only available as standalone software for macOS (Universal), Compusynth is priced $19.50 USD. A Windows version is scheduled for January 2023.

More information: Giorgio Sancristoforo