Isotonik Studios has introduced a new Max for Live device that delivers a complete analog console mixing and summing solution for Ableton Live.

Consolex8056 by Monomono is inspired by Neve console modules.

Experience the sound and workflow of classic analog consoles within Ableton Live with the Console×8056 suite. This comprehensive set includes the Pre×73, EQ×73, Comp×54, and the innovative Console×80 summing amplifier emulation, designed to deliver the authentic warmth, character, and intuitive workflow of vintage hardware.

Console×8056 features

  • ChannelX80: This powerful channel strip includes Pre×73 and EQ×73, inspired by legendary British console designs. Enjoy the lush, vintage preamp emulation and flexible, musical EQ to shape your sound with depth and clarity.
  • CompX54: Experience the classic diode bridge compression with CompX54. Known for its smooth yet punchy dynamics, it adds color and character to any mix, perfect for bringing your tracks to life.
  • ConsoleX80: The heart of the suite, this summing amplifier offers both vintage and modern modes, providing a cohesive analog mixing environment. It adds realistic analog noise and ensures your entire mix benefits from authentic warmth and cohesion.

Console×8056 for Ableton Live 11 & 12 (Suite or Standard with Max for Live installed) is on sale for the intro price of £40 GBP (regular £48 GBP). Additionally, you can use coupon code REK20MONO at the checkout to get a 20% discount on all Monomono devices for a limited time.

More information: Isotonik Studios / Monomono Audio