Chocolate Audio has released Contemporary Vintage Drums, a collection of classic drum kits for BFD and Kontakt, designed with a modern approach to sound production and mic choice in order to get fresh new sounds.

Chocolate Audio Contemporary Vintage Drums

Contemporary Vintage Drums features 3 full drum kits sampled from:

  • a Ludwig “Beatles” tribute kit (stick).
  • a Ludwig “Beatles” tribute kit (brush).
  • a 1977 Gretsch Concert Rock kit (stick).

The kits come with 3 sets of cymbals sampled from a Zildjian A series set (stick and brush) and and UFIP set (stick) and 2 additional Ride Cymbals (Turkish and UFIP) and 7 snares overall (Ludwig, Gretsch, Pearl and Tama).

Contemporary Vintage Drums features

  • BFD Expander and Kontakt versions – all in one pack.
  • 27 GB – BFD Expander version (9 GB on BFD 3 if installed compressed).
  • 12 GB compressed – Kontakt version.
  • Between 21 and 39 GB both versions (based on install options).
  • 52600 samples.
  • 3 full drum kits (2 stick + 1 brush).
  • 60 drum pieces.
  • Sampled in full detail: up to 245 samples per articulation and up to 11 round robin (Kontakt).
  • The best of both worlds: the power of BFD for drums, the ease of use and integration of Kontakt.
  • Recorded in a top-notch studio with choice mics.
  • Up to 4 close mics.
  • 4 room mics: Overhead stereo, Overhead mono, Room U87 and Room PZM.
  • Warm and deep sound, processed through an analog tape machine.
  • Custom Kontakt engine and interface.
  • Recorded at 24-bit / 96 kHz, released at 24-bit / 44.1 kHz.

Contemporary Vintage Drums is available for purchase for the introductory price of $90 USD (regular $129 USD). Requires FXpansion’s BFD 2, BFD 3, BFD Eco and/or Kontakt 4.5.3 full version and higher.

More information: Chocolate Audio / Contemporary Vintage Drums