Dawvelopment has announced the release of an advanced multi-functional and multi-touch MIDI controller app for Android devices.

DAW IT features 4 advanced MIDI utilities to control any parameter of software synthesizers or FX plugins via a USB/MIDI connection between the Android device and the host computer.

You can fully control the expression of your software synthesizers by assigning MIDI controllers to any function depending on your soft synths capabilities. Of course, you can do the same for your hardware synths if you connect them to your DAW.

Unlike other apps on the market, you can save any group of functions as presets so it’s very easy to recall them later or share them with your friends and partners.

DAW IT features

  • MIDI Faders and text labels for naming groups of faders (max. 40 per preset).
  • 3D Pads to control 3 parameters with 2 fingers at the same time (max. 20 per preset).
  • MIDI Buttons (120 Controllers + 120 Program Changes). Makes it easy to set up a Generic Remote Control.
  • Key Switches (with full MIDI keyboard).
  • Aftertouch in the form of a fader and Sustain and Hold Buttons.
  • Flexible UI.
  • Auxiliary Panel allows you to work with 2 of the main functions (Faders, 3D Pads, Buttons, Key Switches) simultaneously.

The app is available from Google Play, priced 14.99 EUR. It requires

More information: Dawvelopment