Beat Bars has announced availability of the MIDI Hand Controller, an iOS app which uses image detection and recognition to control the assigned MIDI parameters in your DAW.

Beat Bars Hand Controller

The app allows you to use gestures to activate and deactivate effects, control sliders, and smoothly change effects parameters. It can also lock the effect when you close your hand so that it continues to sound.

It uses hand gestures to control MIDI, allowing you to create music in an incredibly fun and natural way by simply moving your hands in front of the screen.

Control Change, Pitch Bend Change, Aftertouch – now all you need is a gesture to smoothly raise and lower the pitch, control vibrato or volume, and send MIDI messages.

The controller does not produce or manipulate sound directly, its purpose is to control other software or hardware that understands MIDI.

The app is free to try and you can unlock the connection time limit with an in-app purchase of $9.99 USD.

More information: Beat Bars