Fsynthz has released ProgAte, a MIDI processor/router, allowing you to control up to 8 synths with one MIDI keyboard.

FSynthz ProgAte

ProgAte MIDI processor/router: control up to 8 synthesizers with a single keyboard.

You send midi program changes, together with all the rest midi events, to ProgAte. ProgAte splits and filters the stream, remaps the ProgChange messages – and outputs the processed midi stream, one channel per synth (up to 8 for one instance of ProgAte).

ProgAte features

  • Program changes remapping.
  • Layers/splits (velocity range, key range).
  • Volume adjustments.
  • Synths switching on/off.
  • Pitch bend and controllers filtering off.

ProgAte for Windows (VST) is available to download as freeware.

More information: FSynthz