Cranborne Audio is a new brand from a London-based product design team responsible for several award-winning Pro Audio products, from the likes of Soundcraft & Aston Mic’s. Their vision is to make high-end studio recording more accessible to modern engineers and musicians. Cranborne Audio products are designed and engineered and also made in the UK.

All of Cranborne’s designs are highly-engineered and are tuned for high-performance analog and digital applications. With discrete analog mic preamps and summing busses to give your sound more dynamics, more headroom, and less noise. High-quality A/D-D/A conversion and digital clocking allows for better accuracy, more dynamics, and less jitter – the cause of the “gritiness” that so many budget USB audio interfaces are plagued with.

Camden 500 – 500 Series Preamp and Signal Processor

Cranborne Audio Camden 500

Camden 500 is the most astoundingly clean, linear, and transparent preamp you’ve ever heard. Astoundingly transparent and detailed 500 series mic, line, and hi-z preamp with mojo – two analog saturation styles that emulate vintage valve and transformer effects.

Camden 500 was designed from the ground-up and features a completely original, custom-designed ‘Camden’ preamp topology that achieves stunning low-noise and low-distortion performance as well as frequency and phase linearity at all gain settings. The sum result is -129.8dB EIN (150ohm, unweighted), THD+N as low as 0.0002%, frequency response of ±0.7dB from 5Hz to 200kHz at max gain and <2° phase shift @ 20Hz – 20kHz.

For moments when that extra bit of ‘British’ character is required, rather than use a transformer which always colours the sound, Cranborne Audio developed Mojo – two discrete analog saturation styles that transform Camden 500 into the fattest, warmest, and most characterful preamp in your arsenal – all at the turn of a dial. Unlike transformer and other legacy designs, Mojo can be subtle, it can also be exaggerated, but it can also be bypassed.

Camden 500 is available now for $349 USD / 299 EUR ex. VAT.

500R8 & 500ADAT

Cranborne Audio 500R8

The 500R8 comprises am analog/digital hybrid USB audio interface, summing mixer, and 500 series rack, offering a complete studio-in-a-box.

500R8 is a 28in/30out USB audio interface with high-performance conversion and low-jitter internal clock, comprehensive monitor controller, analog summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer, and 8-slot high current 500 series rack.

500ADAT features an analog/digital hybrid ADAT expander, summing mixer, and 500 series rack. The perfect companion to any ADAT-equipped audio interface. 500ADAT is an 8in/8out ADAT expander with high-performance conversion and low-jitter internal clock, analog summing mixer, zero-latency artist mixer, and 8-slot high current 500 series rack.

500R8 and 500ADAT will be available in December, priced at $1,699 USD / 1,599 EUR and $1,499 USD / 1,399 EUR, respectively. Prices ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: Cranborne Audio