Cre8Audio has released the beginnings of an Eurorack compatible modular synthesizer system. The system currently consists of a few pieces, that are available separately or together as a bundle.

Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE

The NiftyBUNDLE comes with a whole mess of synthy fun. Case, modules, power, MIDI to CV, and enough patch cables to get into trouble are all included.

We’d argue you would be hard pressed to find a more fun bundle of synthy crap for any amount of $ much less $269.99….. After all what’s a party without a bunch of wood, wires, and circuit boards?

The bundle includes:

  • NiftyCASE powered modular case with MIDI to CV.
  • Chipz dual VCO and LFO.
  • Cellz programmable CV touch pad.
  • Box ‘O’ Cables.
  • 2 Cre8audio “8” blank panels for covering unused rackspace.

The bundle and individual parts are imminently available from Cre8audio and its dealers worldwide.

More information: Cre8audio