CreamWare Scope software

CreamWare‘s Scope line of DSP cards are now shipping with software version 4.5.

New in v4.5

  • now comes standard with “ADAT Expansion”
  • 36 audio inputs and 36 audio outputs (2 analog, 2 digital, 16 ADAT, 16 Z–Link)
  • now comes standard with “Effects Extension” and “Synth Extension” – thus providing a dazzling array of 30 new highly useful plugins which can all be used in the “live” domain, without any latency
  • SB-404, EDS-16i, Poison and the Modular III monster modular
  • SBC (Spectral Balance Controller), MasterVerb Pro
  • large scale digital mixers (previously only available with Scope project and Scope professional)

Scope home or Luna I/II system users can upgrade to version 4.5 for 98,- Euro.
Check the CreamWare site or the Scope site for more information.