Krotos has announced a next generation platform that simplifies and unifies the complex processes of working with sound into one single software.

Krotos Studio helps you find, shape, perform, and design Hollywood sound in seconds. The comprehensive platform is designed to make sound creation smarter, faster and accessible for all skill levels.

Krotos Studio does for sound what Canva did for design. Content creators of all skill levels can reach the perfect sound instantly. Whatever the project, we’ve got it all covered – stories, reels, videos, TV shows, cinema, games, radio, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Get started with use case driven templates and add high-production standards to your media straight away.

What if you are the sound expert who passionately loves the art of designing? Simply switch to the advanced mode and take total control over every little detail. Import your own recordings and sound libraries. Use them within the built-in templates or even make your own custom templates. Stop spending hours searching, editing, layering, and sounding like everyone else. Unlock your creativity and start performing outstanding sounds instantly.

Krotos Studio will be a complete solution with an online library of hundreds of thousands of sound assets and thousands of professionally designed presets. There’s also a future marketplace in the works where users can collaborate, share, sell, and buy sounds and presets from.

Krotos’ CEO Orfeas Boteas said:

“Content creation is booming, making the demand for outstanding sound stronger than ever before. Creating awesome sound still relies on time-consuming searching and editing workflows and multiple solutions that restrict creativity. Krotos Studio will cater to a diverse group of content creators, whether they are audio professionals or prosumers, from low budget ‘Indies’ to professional filmmakers, YouTubers, videographers, podcasters, and beyond. The software will have seamless integrations with digital audio workstations, video editing software, and game engines. We also anticipate that the software’s interactive nature and the ability to be used in real time will make it ideal for metaverse applications.”

Krotos Studio is launching in 2023. Krotos is inviting users to join an early access beta program.

More information: Krotos