Wouter Hisschemöller has released an update to the Music Pattern Generator, an open source modular MIDI sequencer based on Euclidean geometry.

The successor to the Euclidean MIDI Patterns rhythm generator was updated to version 2.2, to include a new Snaphots functionality. You can now store the current state of all processors running in the app and instantly recall settings with these snapshots.

Other changes in version 2.2:

  • Euclid FX bypass parameter to quickly disable a Euclid FX processor. Previously this could only be done by removing the processor and recreating the connections.
  • MIDI Note events can be used for remote control (besides MIDI CCs). Use a MIDI note of a certain pitch to select a snapshot, for example. Up to now only MIDI Continuous Controller messages could be used.
  • Euclidean processor’s Channel, Pitch and Velocity parameters can be remote controlled by MIDI.
  • Bug fix: Creating infinite loops is not possible anymore. Previously the output of an Euclid FX processor could be connected to its input, which would cause an infinite loop and halt program execution. Now, when creating connections, a connection can’t be made when it will create an infinite loop.

The Music Pattern Generator app is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and you can also use an online version.

More information: Wouter Hisschemöller