Sound Author has announced the release of EchoVerb, a collection of four multitap delay effect racks made with the new Echo delay device in Ableton Live 10.

Sound Author EchoVerb for Ableton Live 10

Each rack contains a cluster of delay lines available in four different densities: x8, x16, x32 and x64.

The delay times have been calculated so they are spaced apart evenly when the “Delay Time” knob is turned all the way down, but as you turn it up, each echo is spaced further and further apart along an exponential growth curve.

This allows for a variety of “faux reverb” tails ranging from extremely dense, almost plate-like reflections to massively diffuse echoes that roll out to infinity and beyond.

EchoVerb was made for the soul purpose of creating huge walls of sound that have a distinct analog character similar to “Frippertronics” tape looping, though it’s also surprisingly capable of small spaces too.

EchoReverb is available as a “pay what you want” download, including free.

More information: Sound Author