Create wind and rain sounds with AudioWind and AudioRain by AudioGaming


AudioGaming has released AudioWind and AudioRain, two tools for creating wind and rain sound effects.

AudioGaming AudioWindAudioWind & AudioRain: Create, sculpt and synch your sound in real-time and 5.1 audio with AudioGaming’s procedural audio engine D.O.S.E. (Dynamic Objects Sound Engine).

Using Procedural Audio technology, these two VSTp (“p” for procedural) will enable you to create wind and rain sounds for your productions.

Dedicated to sound designers and post-production professionals, these plug-ins will help you in your daily work to get the sounds you are looking for.

Matching sound with image by automation of the AudioWind VSTp in Reaper.

AudioWind and AudioRain features

  • Clear interface with 5 levels of interaction each with different settings for optimal control over your sound.
  • Build your sound form scratch or use the numerous presets available to help you start with a typical sound.
  • Produce in mono, stereo, 2.1, 4.1 and even in 5.1 depending on your needs.
  • With the randomize button, fetch sounds in real-time.
  • Record automations on the fly and make your sounds evolve without having to cut/paste.
  • Directly match your sounds to your scene.

The effect plugins are available to purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/RTAS) for the introductory price of 149 EUR each until 31 July, 2012 (regular 245 EUR each). A bundle of both is also available at 199 EUR, 50% off the regular price.

More information: AudioGaming

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clicky clack
clicky clack

1 x can of baked beans can be brought for 55 pence or cents – now that’s authentic wind


Sure, but I reckon your wind is a lot harder to automate + where’s your randomize button?

clicky clack
clicky clack

Ronnie if there’s a few beers involved the night before; that can of beans won’t need a randomize button but fair enough on the automation :)

The plugins were updated to v1.1: – Added automation to trial versions. – Lowered and reduced number of beep sounds in trial versions. – Improved 5.1 spatialisation model. – Added choices for 5.1 output routing (SMPTE, Cine, …). – Improved performances on Mac OS. – Addition of a link to host’s Play/Stop buttons and a computation on/off button. – Fixed automation bugs in Pro Tools. – Master gain no longer stored in presets. – Fixed a few minor bugs.