123creative Creative sound bundle

123Creative has announced the release of the Creative sound bundle, a bundle of two VST effect plugins for sci-fi effects in cooperation with Epralux.

“Creative sound bundle” contains 2 software plugins / VST effects: ORB7000 – Octave reverb system and POD4500 – Particle octaved delay.

– Epralux ORB7000 – octave reverb system is not classic reverb simulation of real acoustic space. ORB7000 is special, artistic and creative octave / pitch-shifting reverb system for creating special sound and space effects, new sound colors and unique experimental sounds.
Main feature that makes ORB7000 different is special particle based pitch-shifting unit that splits reverbed signal to 3 sub-signals: octave down, normal, octave up. Then sound is split for very small time sequences (in milliseconds), octave down circuit play sound de-tuned -1 octave while octave-up circuit plays sound one octave +1 pitch shifted. This create really unique sound effects (to hear this effect best try ORB7000 with melodical sund samples like guitar, piano, synthesizer or human voice).

– Epralux POD4500 is not delay like you know, it is something totally different. This plugin is intended for all producers who are seeking for new original sound. All internal modules are fine-tuned to create futuristic / experimental yet very pleasant and natural tones. POD4500 is perfect with experimental digital drums, as well as for effecting melodic instruments, synthesizers or sliced melodic loops.

The bundle is available for the introductory price of 28.90 EUR for a limited time (50% off regular).

More information: 123Creative / Creative sound bundle