W.A. Production has launched a new What About series sample pack featuring a comprehensive collection of over 300 individually recorded vocal phrases and grunts designed to bring spook and fright to your next horror-inspired masterpiece.

With phrases like “Kill them!” and “Get Out!” with compelling performance by W.A. Production’s talented team of vocal producers, What About: Creepy Horror Voices is sure to offer your composition a special theatric touch.

Each and every sample in What About: Creepy Horror Voices has been thoroughly inspected for quality recording and processing so you can have confidence in the clarity of your sounds. No ghosting this pack – order today!

Also available is Electric Chill, which brings 5 construction kits, synth presets for Spire and Sylenth1, MIDI files, melody loops, drums, and more.

With the ubiquity of streaming, chill music has experienced a major resurgence due to its effectiveness as good background music during a multitude of activities. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for tools suitable for more relaxed musical styles, so we were inspired to create What About: Electric Chill for you all!

Settle in and enjoy all that What About: Electric Chill from W. A. Production has to offer. Soft keys, airy pads, and smooth basses are just some of what you’ll get in this fantastic pack. Plus, you’ll receive 5 Construction Kits to help you learn how the pros design their tracks. And there’s much more included in this pack, so download today and get to work!

The sample packs are available from W.A. Production, priced $24.90 USD each.