Critical Tune has announced the release of a Kontakt instrument library featuring sounds inspired by the famous organs that have made music history.

The Moscow instrument delivers a hybrid between synth and organ, with a lo-fi style and futuristic interface.

Moscow’s samples begin from some wavetables of the Argon 8, a synthesizer produced by Modal. Its pure and warm sounds have been sampled with the highest quality and processed to obtain excellent sounds.

Moscow will involve your settings adding new features for cinematic scores that every composer dream of. Each layer covers up to 7 octaves, making the instrument a complete synth. Moscow is also suitable for modern styles and strictly related to genres like Jazz, Gospel, Progressive, Rock. The sound of the organ and its precise envelope make Moscow the best candidate for your production. You can not live without it.

Moscow features

  • Manage volume faders quickly.
  • Mix the best sound by choosing from a list of 14 waveforms.
  • Use the integrated compressor to improve attack, release, and dynamics.
  • Play with the attack, decay, and release to discover many versions of the same key.
  • Activate distortion to saturate all frequencies.
  • Improve the rendering of attack transients or experiment with new alternative styles.
  • Amplify the stereophony and dose the right level.
  • Simulate the reverb that suits you and add three-dimensionality to your plane.
  • Equalizes and levels between bass and treble and adjusts the master output.
  • Uses external controllers to modulate sound layers.

Moscow requires the full version of Kontakt 6.4.1 or higher. It is on sale for 39.90 EUR for a limited time (regular 49.95 EUR).

More information: Critical Tune