Crocus Soundware has announced a new volume in the Liminal series of instrument libraries for Kontakt.

Liminal: Chamber String Textures Volume 2 delivers another library of intimately recorded violin, viola and cello samples, this time with a strong focus on rhythm and synchronicity.

The library’s articulations are aleatoric, long and evolving, with the performer imparting character and movement into the samples. Recorded closely and dry, the sounds are intended to add unpredictable nuance, detail and texture. This second volume has a strong focus on rhythm and synchronicity, taking advantage of Kontakt’s Time Machine Pro feature. This brings the samples into lock-step with the DAW’s tempo, allowing for rhythmic patterns and ostinatos.

The user-interface allows articulations to be layered, mixed and reversed. LFO controls can be enabled, allowing the DAW’s tempo to dictate the modulation of an individual layer’s volume. This opens the door for tempo-synced swells and provides more opportunities for evolving textures.

Chamber String Textures Vol. 2 features

  • 2 GB of samples uncompressed.
  • Includes sample sets of both ensemble and solo performances.
  • 30 core articulations.
  • Dozens of presets.
  • Requires Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher (full version).

The instrument library is on sale for the intro price of $36 USD until August 29th, 2022 (regular $60 USD). The Liminal Complete Instrument Bundle is $120 USD, and other individual products are 30% off during the promotion.

More information: Crocus Soundware