Bitwig has released a new free sound pack featuring a collection of textured presets that showcase Bitwig Studio’s polyphonic instruments.

Great sound design is fluid, able to meet this moment and then morph into something that suits whatever comes next. Sometimes it drags, often it scurries, but like the sea, its one constant is change.

This sound package Crossfading Synths, contains 21 textured presets that showcase Bitwig Studio’s polyphonic instruments and more. Each patch is a swarming island of movement and life, ready to complement a track or launch the idea for a new one. They also come fully equipped with a few top-level remote controls, each crossfading many parameters and giving you clear control of the sound. The 64 note clips included in the pack show these presets in motion.

Crossfading Synths is available to download to owners of full Bitwig Studio license (4.0.2 or later) with an active Upgrade Plan.

More information: Bitwig