Crossfire Designs has updated its MidiPads universal drumpad controller for the iPad to version 1.5.

Crossfire Designs MidiPads

MidiPads is a drum pad controller for the iPad and sports 64 drum pads, which can be resized in both size and area. The bottom part is fully configurable by the user with resizable touchpads, sliders and buttons. Both sliders and touchpads support snapping to a value, fading to the touch position (duration user-configurable) and bouncing. One very unique feature is the drumpad-integrated X/Y-controller: Change your instruments’ or your effects’ sound just by moving your finger while still triggering – very useful also for DJ software like Traktor Pro (see video in App description to see how it works).

Changes in MidiPads v1.5

  • Presets (interchangable with other users).
  • Virtual MIDI: Trigger other iOS apps capable of virtual MIDI.
  • Bouncing mode for touch pads and sliders.
  • Multiple senders for each axis and knob.
  • Buttons in bottom view.
  • Resizable pads and resizable pad area (4 to 64 drum pads per page).
  • MIDI connection overview (tap on midi section).
  • Finger up / down message for touch pad and sliders.
  • Settings reset feature.
  • White color for sliders and drum pads.

MidPads is available to purchase on the iTunes App Store for 4 EUR / $5 USD.

MidiPads Lite was also updated to version 1.5, now including settings reset, and Midi connection overview (tap on midi section). An iPhone version is under development, which will be first released as MidiPads Lite for iPhone in a few weeks.

More information: Crossfire Designs