Nembrini Audio has announced that some of its free audio effects are now available for iOS.

Nembrini Audio Crunk v2 iOS

The following products are now available as standalone app, AUv3 effect, and Inter-App Audio effect:

  • Crunck V2 Guitar Amplifier: From metal to fusion, rock to blues including a built-in 4×12 cabinet with vintage 30 speakers.
  • Analog Rack Noise Gate: A very simple but powerful noise gate plugin especially tuned for guitar and bass.
  • Analog Rack Cleaner: High pass and low pass filters in a single rack Fx plugin to clear up low-end rumble and high frequency noise.
  • Analog Rack Chorus: A chorus inspired by the most famous Chorus pedals and rack effect units.
  • Analog Rack Delay: The power of Nembrini Audio’s delay algorithms in a simple package! BPM Sync, stereo spread circuit and a very juicy sound.

The effects are available to download from the App Store.

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More information: Nembrini Audio