Crysonic Mac Pack

Crysonic has released Crysonic Mac Pack, a new bundle featuring three of Crysonic’s most popular Audio DSP plug-ins for the Mac OS platform.

The Mac Pack includes the following three plug-ins in Mac OS Universal Binary (Intel and Power PC) AU and VST formats assuring full compatibility with all popular applications such as Logic Audio and Digital Performer.

  • SINDO V2 – Extremely transparent Stereo image Expander (Widener) and Narrower with mono compatibility.
  • nXTasy V2.1 – Analog Harmonic Saturation at it’s Best.
  • SpectraPhy LE V1.6 – Physics Based All-Purpose Audio Limiter and Maximizer.

For a very limited time this bundle costs only $99 (a saving of over 50%). This offers ends on the 8th of August 2008.

Visit Crysonic for more information.