Crysonic has announced Transilate, a true level independent intelligent transient designer effect.

Crysonic Transilate

Control the attack and sustain of any audio signal (including pre-recorded audio) regardless of it’s level with ZERO latency. Providing Limitless possibilities Transilate will be your fundamental and essential studio tool for mixing, mastering, tracking and live work, a must have plugin. Shorten or increase the attack and the sustain sections of all percussive signals. Eliminate the Booming Bass, Congas, Tom drums, reduce reverb or increase reverb, tame a slap bass or increase the punch and attack even more. TRANSILATE is also extremely CPU efficient and you can easily have it on every track in your production if you wish and why not!

A GO-TO secret weapon every time. With it’s incredible Simplicity and Quality this will be your most used plug-in in ANY music production situation, a true life savior, we guarantee it!

Transilate for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $55 USD. All Previous Crysonic customers can purchase Transilate for $31 USD for a limited time.