Steinberg Cubase 4

Steinberg has announced the latest version of their flagship music production software, Cubase 4.

New features in v4

  • New Control Room in mixer
  • New Plug-in Set – VST3 (30 all-new audio and MIDI plug-ins and reworked and updated for this versions, for a total number of 50 plug-ins)
  • New Virtual Instruments: Halion One, Prologue, Spector, Mystic
  • SoundFrame™ – Universal Sound Manager
  • MediaBay – media file management system
  • Track Presets
  • Instrument Tracks
  • Major Score Editor Enhancements
  • User Interface Redesign

Cubase Studio 4 is basically a cut down version of Cubase 4, but still has plenty to offer for an attractive price. Check the feature comparison to find out what is missing from Cubase Studio 4.

Both Cubase 4 and Cubase Studio 4 will ship in October 2006. Visit Steinberg for more information.