Cupwise FX has introduced YouRei HP/LP Filters, a sound library for the Nebula effect processor by Acustica Audio.

Sampled from a unique filter unit that was largely aimed at forensic audio work, but has found many uses. It’s notch/peak filters can be swept around for a unique phaser-like effect, and it’s HP/LP filters can be used for general audio filtering purposes. It was made available in two versions, and this is the more desirable/sought-after ‘T’ model featuring an output transformer which adds a little extra color to the sound.

The notch/peak filters will be sampled for a future release. This first release includes 3 differently sampled configurations of the unit’s high/low pass filters.

YouRei HP/LP Filters is available in 96khz and 44khz versions, priced at $7.50 USD; a bundle of both is $8.50 USD (full version of Nebula required, Nebula 3 Pro or Server is recommended).

More information: Cupwise FX / YouRei HP/LP Filters