Curtis Judd has published a video in which he shows how he uses the ERA-D plugin by Accusonus to remove noise and reverb from audio.

One of the big challenges with recording on location is that you cannot always control noise or reverberation on the set. And while you can use things like sound blankets to help in some cases, sometimes you just don’t have enough blankets or time.

On one job last year, I worked on a location near a major interstate highway which was chosen for its appearance, not its lack of noise. In cases like this, ERA-D from Accusonus can help you clean up the noise and reverb in your recordings like no other plugin I’ve used before.

ERA-D is available for $299 USD. You can also get the plugin as part of the ERA Bundle Pro (including ERA Noise Remover, Reverb Remover and De-Esser), which is on sale for only $299 USD until July 31st (regular value $535 USD).

More information: Accusonus