Luftrum has announced that a new soundset for the Prophet 6 synthesizer by DSI Sequential is in the works.

The most awesome-sounding holy grail of hardware synths (well, to me at least) arrived the other day the DSI Sequential Prophet-6 and while diving into the synth exploring new sonic realms I have begun preparation on a soundset for the Prophet-6. At the moment I am working on a few other projects, among them a specially themed collaboration soundset for U-He Diva scheduled to release ultimo July, a release I am very excited about. I have been crafting on a new soundset for Omnisphere 2 for a while, which also was the most requested soundset in my recent customer survey.

Speaking about surveys, I recently sent out a newsletter containing a customer synth survey including a 30% summer discount code. The survey is mostly targeted existing customers but if you happen to be one (or intend to be) then help me shape my future portfolio and grab the discount too.

More information: Luftrum