Cut Through Recordings has announced the release of the Convergence audio plugin, a multi-band mastering compressor effect that draws a lot of inspiration from its predecessor M4, but brings along with it many new exciting features.

Cut Through Recordings Convergence

Convergence allows bands to be added and removed as needed rather than having a fixed number of bands. It can have anywhere from 2 to 10 bands of compression depending on what you need.

Convergence uses crossover filters with -6dB gain at the crossover frequency that sum together to create a perfectly flat frequency response. These -6dB crossovers also introduce the least amount of phase shift possible while still being low on CPU usage. The compressors are designed to have a digital feel to their attack and release timing to be as precise as possible.

Convergence features

  • Up to 10 bands of compression.
  • Adjustable crossovers.
  • Bands can be added or removed.
  • Attack/Release envelope visualizer.
  • Compression Curve visualizer.
  • Gain Reduction over time visualizer.
  • Oversampling up to 8x.
  • Linkable controls.
  • Soloable bands.

The plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU, AAX and LV2 formats for $45 USD. A free version limited to 2-4 bands is available to download. Oversampling is restricted to 2x and the compression display is disabled in the free version.

More information: Cut Through Recordings