CuteVST Hexter

CuteVST Hexter VSTi v1.1 has been released.


  • Added NotesOff button on main toolbar.
  • VST Parameter 0 was unused so changed to EffectsOffOn (global).

Fixed bugs:

  • Algo bitmap opens on algo 1. Hmmm, noone noticed.
  • Minor bug in event loop. VST midiEvent[event_index].deltaFrames uses type ‘long’ while ‘next_pending_event_tick’ was type ‘unsigned long’ in the original source code. Causes problems when comparing the variables.
  • Mono playmodes did not play correctly. Needed to call to hexter_instance_handle_monophonic().
  • Polyphony limit not working. Set by calling hexter_instance_handle_polyphony().

Check the CuteVST website for a link to download Hexter.