Spektro Audio has updated its CV Toolkit to version 2.5, adding many of the most requested features to the software that uses different virtual modules to control, modulate and sequence synthesizers via control voltage (CV).

Ever since we first released CV Toolkit 2, we’ve been receiving many user requests for major features and, for this update, we decided to fulfil many of these requests.

Changes in CV Toolkit 2.5

  • Themes – CV Toolkit now includes 7 new themes: Tech, Forest, Red Velvet, GrayScale, NightLife (specially designed for people with deuteranopia), Anachrome (specially designed for people with Tritanopia), and High Contrast.
  • OSC Integration – CV Toolkit can now be controlled via TouchOSC, Lemur, or any other OSC application.
  • Improved Layouts – Layouts can now store which modules are currently loaded into the 12 slots, all the settings for each of the slots, internal CV buses assingments, custom titles, Routing Matrix routings, as well the the settings for the BPM, global quantizer, and voice mode.
  • Custom Titles – Users can now assign custom titles to any of the 12 slot in CV Toolkit. This is an great feature for managing more complex patches.
  • Reset module – CV Toolkit now includes a Reset module for resetting analog sequencers according to CV Toolkit’s transport.
  • Misc Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements.

CV Toolkit for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for $19.99 USD. The 2.5 update is free for all existing customers.

More information: Spektro Audio / CV Toolkit