CWI Technology has released version 2.4.0 of TX16Wx, a software sampler workstation instrument for Windows and Mac.

TX16Wx now supports EXS24 and Akai AKP program import, three-way cross modulation, user defined program icons and VST micro tuning. There are also many usability and stability improvements, as well as a new, large, UI mode.

Changes in TX16Wx v2.4.0

  • OS X / Windows Vista / Windows 7 “missing file” dialog now includes a “search” option.
  • Load/Save progress indicator now includes an “Abort” button.
  • Added a “via” cross modulation parameter to modulation entries, allowing control of modulation strength by other modulator.
  • Added selectable round-robin source for wave matrix / group switcher.
  • Added “toggle” trigger mode.
  • Added large UI skin.
  • Added import of EXS format instruments.
  • Added import of AKP format instruments.
  • Added 6db low/high pass filter.
  • Added Direct MIDI CC as modulation source.
  • Added support for VST2 micro tuning.
  • Added optional support for bank select to address more than 128 programs via MIDI program change.
  • Added optional program/performance number display in drop down selectors.
  • Added program/performance re-ordering dialog.
  • Added user selectable program icons.
  • Skins now handle CSS “import”.
  • UI size is now constrained by minimum size of applied skin.
  • UI skins loading time improved.
  • Default skin + graphics are now delivered as external files as well as resources.
  • SFZ import now honors MIDI CC trigger switch.
  • Save and other edits now disabled while previewing material.
  • Fixed issue where editing wave matrix source settings was applied to all objects, not just selected.
  • Fixed import of Sound fonts with non-symmetric/broken stereo pair definitions.
  • Fixed CoreObject leaks and errors on OS X.
  • Fixed COM leaks and errors on Windows.
  • Fixed host not notified on performance change.
  • Fixed crash when running in bridged mode in some hosts.

TX16Wx for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available as freeware. TX16Wx Professional costs 29 EUR (non-commercial) / 89 EUR (non-restricted).

More information: TX16Wx