CWI Technology has announced a release candidate for version 2.10 of its TX16Wx and TX16Wx Professional software sampler instruments.

TX16Wx now supports conditional group trigger switching, using controllers, modulators, round-robin, random, tempo and MIDI key sources as conditionals. Also, the file browser now allows in-place preview of sound data in programs to make sound mapping and editing quicker.

Changes in TX16Wx v2.10 RC

  • Added group note switching (key-based, round-robin, random, modulator).
  • Added delay / chorus / flanger / wah.
  • Added modulated “delay” parameter to groups.
  • Added preview functionality to file browser.
  • Added displayed octave offset setting.
  • Added “triplets” to tempo sync modes.
  • Improved menu handling to better indicate allowed operations.
  • Improved memory footprint for send FX.
  • Improved LFO precision.
  • SFZ import now reads keyboard switching parameters.
  • Most sample editor operations can now transform on several waves at once.
  • Groups created from “separate” and “split” commands are now named from waves.
  • Fixed setting split loop through context menu not working.
  • Fixed SFZ import not reading volume correctly.
  • Fixed matrix names not shown in MIDI note names.
  • Fixed MIDI note names not updating in StudioOne.

The release candidate is available to download now for Windows (32/64bit). TX16Wx Pro is scheduled for release during early 2013, pre-orders are available for 80 EUR (commercial license) / 20 EUR (non-commercial license).

More information: CWI Technology