CWI Technology has released version 2.2.0 of the TX16Wx sampler instrument plug-in.

Finally, after many months of work, TX16Wx 2.2.0 is now released, adding long-awaited support for MacOSX. This release took longer than anticipated, mainly because I upped my ambitions somewhat, thus this is not simply a port, but a full rewrite of the underlying framework supporting the plug-in.

TX16Wx is now running on a new cross-platform and plug-in format toolkit, with much of its insides now in shared libraries. This of course in anticipation of the new plug-ins that CWITEC will build and release during the rest of the year.

The MacOSX plug-in is available as a 32/64 bit AUi universal binary and a 64-bit VSTi. The user interface requires a Cocoa capable host.

Changes in TX16Wx v2.2.0

  • Added Apple OSX support.
  • Added Audio unit version.
  • Added polyphony limit.
  • Added matrix row/column distribute command.
  • Added skinning support.
  • Fixed issue with effects being shared between copied performances.
  • Fixed automation load/save issue.
  • Improved matrix editor snapping.

The TX16Wx sampler instrument is available as freeware. A Professional version costs 89 EUR (full) / 29 EUR (non-commercial).