CWITEC Music Software has released version 2.4.1 of the TX16Wx software sampler and TX16Wx Professional plugins for Windows and Mac.

This update combines all small hot-fixes done previously with a few new, bigger ones. The biggest change being a radically improved SoundFont importer that should respect and correctly apply layered (preset/instrument) generators in the SF2 better.

Changes in TX16Wx v2.4.1

  • Improved SF2 import.
  • Added support for SFZ pitch/filter velocity tracking.
  • Preview volume is now saved in settings.
  • Loop modulation does no longer limit loop start maximum value to initial loop end.
  • Added sampler MIDI CC / key triggering.
  • Workaround regex libc++ bug on Mac OS X.
  • Filter response curve bug fixed (always generated Q).
  • Fixed modulation matrix bug where mapping key/vel could be ignored.
  • Fixed bug loading program slot FX send settings.
  • Fixed BPM/R modulation source not selectable in modulation menu.
  • Fixed hang when dragging from matrix list to keyboard mapper with velocity mapping enabled.
  • Fixed matrix load dialog multi-select.
  • Fixed auto play in filebrowser playing on UI open.
  • Fixed screen update issue in output settings.
  • Fixed crash when restoring UI in certain cases.
  • Fixed loop modulation crash when loop size became zero.
  • Fixed wave sample rate dependent loop/start/hold.
  • Fixed keyboard switcher modulator assignment index being off for automation/MIDI CC.
  • Fixed filter overload issue.
  • Fixed crash on 32-bit Mac OS X.
  • Fixed crash dump creation issues on some versions of Win7+.

TX16Wx for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to download at no charge. The Professional version costs (full, commercial, unrestricted license) / 29 EUR (non-commercial, discounted license).

More information: CWITEC Music Software