ADSR Sounds has introduced AudioCipher Sounds’ new royalty free sample pack Cyberpunk Glitch, a collection of loops and samples inspired by the soundtracks of influential cyberpunk movies, shows, and games.

The pack was created by using the AudioCipher plugin to turn Blade Runner character names into MIDI melodies and running the MIDI through live analog synths at low, mid and high frequencies.

Cyberpunk Glitch also includes 100 glitchcore samples inspired by 2077, covering the full sonic spectrum and bringing the Blade Runner synths to life.

Pitch-shift and beatmatch hyperspeed percussion with mind-bending bass rhythms. You’ll find there’s a collection of bonus melodies encoded with the names of main characters from 2077.

Discover how these lush, dissonant minor chord progressions blend with the frenetic glitch sounds in this pack to produce a one-of-a-kind texture. Decide what cyberpunk music means to you and become one of the pioneers in this emerging genre.

Cyberpunk Glitch features

  • 35 Glitch Noise Samples.
  • 28 Cyberbendy Bass SFX.
  • 26 Warm Synth Pads.
  • 24 Reese Synth Bass Stabs.
  • 20 Glitch Bass Patterns.
  • 11 Warm Synth Leads.
  • 10 Synth Chords + Leads.
  • 10 Glitch Drum Loops.
  • 8 Glitch Melody Loops.
  • 8 MIDI Seeds.
  • 8 Ambient Drones.
  • 5 Impacts.
  • 5 Risers.
  • 2 Glitch Arp loops.
  • 2 Granular pads.

Cyberpunk Glitch is on sale for the intro price of $15 USD until June 3rd, 2022 (regular $22 USD).

More information: ADSR Sounds