D16 Group has announced Devastor 2, the upcoming update of the Devastor multi-band distortion unit plug-in for Windows and Mac.

d16 group devastor2

Along with new tag-based preset management system, alternative UI sizes and refined plug-in configuration, which comprises on new plug-in framework, D16 Group puts in your hands the classic character of the Devastor distortion spiced up with bunch of new creativity-releasing features.

  • Signal Routing Selector, which replaces version one’s Pre / Post filter switches, giving more efficient control over processing path and at the same time offering some new, un-achievable so far, signal topologies.
  • Built-in Limiter to help preventing drastic changes in audio output’s amplitude as well as making the sound more vivid and juicy.
  • Redesigned Filter Model providing more analog feeling to the plug-in.
  • Improved Dynamics Flattener delivering punchier and definitely more in-your-face sound character.

Tempted enough? Stay tuned as more details will be revealed soon…

Devastor owners can count on nice upgrade pricing, which also includes free upgrades for licenses purchased in 6 months grace period. D16 Group won’t forget about the owners of some other SilverLine titles. Custom coupon codes will be send out to everybody qualified for the discount at the day of release.

Devastor 2 will be available for Windows and Mac in VST, AU, AAX and Rack Extension plug-in formats.

More information: D16 Group / Devastor