D16 Group has announced the upcoming release of Godfazer, an advanced modulation effect plugin.

D16 Group Godfazer

The new SilverLine effect combines multiple modulation and filter types in a single versatile unit, offering tremolo, chorus, rotary speaker, filter and phaser effects.

Godfazer is our most versatile and powerful modulation effect yet. Use it as a tremolo, chorus, rotary speaker, filter or phaser, or mix multiple processing styles for spectacular, complex results.

Godfazer’s built-in Ensemble and filter types provide a vast sonic pallete, comprise many classic vintage chorus, rotary speaker and phaser models, plus dozens of additional custom modes.

Both Multi Filters and the Ensemble module can be configured in any of six preset topologies, offering all the signal routing combinations you could ever need.

Automate the Multi Filters with two flexible Modulators, each switchable between four diverse signal generator types for deep creative control.

Pricing and release date will be revealed soon.

More information: D16 Group